The Age Of Rockets - Avada Kedavra (The Skywriter Mix) by TheSkywriter

Thanks to Andrew Futral of @ageofrockets for providing an acapella track for everyone a while back for remixes :)



The Tiny Thoughts by TheSkywriter

A fairly sunny track during a not so sunny time…


Slowly wrapping up some production on a track I worked with a friend on. Has his vocals and lyric writing. Unfortunately hampered by a horrible microphone but I did what best I could!

Also working on another synthpop track on top of that… Might even have vocals on that too… ;P



Well, here it is. Ellie Goulding is quickly becoming one of the biggest pop stars out there. I’m really happy to have worked with her on this remix. Lots of piano in this one. 

RAC + Ellie Goulding? Yeah. Roll it.

Source: SoundCloud / RAC

Haven’t been able to do anything on the internet for about a month till today so I’m mega glad to have tumblr back so I can feel at my freedom to keep up my scrapbook again!

Anyway, tonight I share some Hunz with you. It’s indie/electronica sourced from Brisbane. The track ‘Soon, Soon’ was featured in the bundle for the music software I use and I only recently listened in on it. I feel somewhat glad to be using this humble and relatively unknown package alongside talents like that of Hunz!

I love this track especially although the whole album is a great listen. It’s really mellow yet pensive. Best of all; the whole album (His second release) is completely free if you fancy it so if Radiohead meets Sting meets Bon Iver fused with 80s and 90s demoscene music sounds intriguing, give it a whirl.

It’s all rather pretty.


Arcade Fire won album of the year at the Grammys. I’m not the world’s biggest fan (I enjoyed Funeral and Neon Bible though) but I take this as a victory for musicians who passionately believe that music is about innovation.

What I AM annoyed with is how much of the internet is up in arms about ‘no-names’ taking glory away from radio friendly, commercial acts that folks lap up in droves. Essentially they’re saying “Fuck creativity; I bought the CD so I can shake my ass to the same old repackaged music; therefore my purchase should be further rewarded as proof of my awesome taste in music…”

Music awards should be awarded to musicians who try hard in their field to make something that required a lot of heart and imagination. Not to the fans. You wouldn’t see an award for ‘Farmer of the Year’ go to a supermarket just because you like shopping at Walmart for your greens would you?

But who am I to lecture you anyway… I’m just a no-name musician. Nothing I make makes you shake your asses. I don’t count.


If you think radio pop is really creative watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PRKfj_5Oso … Because it’s not.


The Attack of The Philosoraptor - ‘Brown Shuga’ by TAOTPMusic

Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I think it’s appropriate to put up a song I co-wrote about a massive player. It’s not very appropriate is it? Personally I’m glad I’m single on a day like today since Valentine’s is all about pressure and elevated cortisol… How romantic… :S

Sorry if folks never see me like/reblog their posts etc by the way; Tumblr prefers to repost on user’s main tumblogs and that being my professional one rather than http://eatingwithsporks.tumblr.com/ well… It wouldn’t make sense having a load of random reblogs on here.



Run Toto Run - This Is a Lull (The Skywriter Remix) by TheSkywriter

I didn’t make the final cut but I’m proud of my attempt!

I’m picking up inspiration at the moment. I’ll likely be conjuring something up for a couple of Hooked in 60 Seconds contests (http://www.hookedin60seconds.com/) pretty much because of these 3 inspirational songs.

Currently, I’ve got a japanese electro track, Deerhoof and CSLSX inspiring me :)


I’ve actually been working on music (2 Songs of late) despite the quietness of this little cove. Problem is; they’re not really what I’d comfortably call ‘The Skywriter’ material. One’s a retro videogame cover and the other was the work of both Peter Hanson and I in our little genre-parodying side project 2 piece “The Attack of the Philosoraptor”

When I get round to fixing the mix on both; I’ll probably spread the love, especially since Pete and I thought our parody song was an awesome take on funk rock and bizarre subject matter.

For now though; this is a little piece of scrap work that I revisited and remade into an Interlude. It was originally meant to be the ending for a prototype song now confined to the murky depths of creative hell. I liked the bouncy ending so much I turned it into a short synthpop interlude for kicks.